Both of these martial arts have an ancient origin, which can be traced back to many different era’s in history.

Taekwondo is the national sport of South Korea (which is where it originates from) and can be roughly translated as ‘the way of the foot and fist’. It began its journey as a self-defence martial art and has now developed into a sport. Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art that aims to teach its students techniques that will be able to control a situation quickly and efficiently.

Taekwondo uses a mixture of hand strikes and kicks, with its athletics being best known for their kicks (commonly head height, jumping or spinning). They see kicking as most important as it serves as our longest weapon and can generate the most power. Wing Chun is a close-quarter combat system, their practioners use their feet to deal with attacks from below the waist, whilst hands can deal with attacks from above. Wing Chun practioners utilise and aim to manipulate space bridging gaps to find ways through an opponent’s guard.

A similarity between the two martial arts is they aim to disrupt the opponent’s core and balance with their attacks. The differences are that taekwondo typically adopt a narrower stance which allows them to generate power from their kicks, whereas Wing Chun feel the base of support is key to success so adopt a more stable structure to ensure balance.

Both martial arts have forms which teach and develop the basic set of techniques and movements, which change slightly depending of the style of lineage of that specific martial art you do.

Taekwondo is a competition sport, in which points are gained and earnt during timed bouts. Wing Chun is a purely self-defence sport that aim to teach ways students can feel confident in day to day life.

Both martial arts, despite their differences and similarities, aim to create a student with strong values and respect for all member of the community and society.

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