Both martial arts have ancient cultural exchanges that have developed into the modern day systems we know and learn today. Wing Chun can be traced back to ancient times and was developed and produced from China. Karate on the other hand has been developed in Japan (formally known as the ‘Ryuky Islands).

Karate is a sport recognised by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) even though it is unfortunately not recognised as an official Olympic Sport. Practioners receive points by hitting different parts of their opponents and by using a variety of techniques. Wing Chun however is a purely self-defence based marital art that looks to teach students how to deal with individual situations and to manipulate a situation quickly and effectively.

Both Wing Chun and Karate contain forms that teach students the basic movements that are used in the two systems. Students are required to demonstrate a level of competency of these forms in order to pass their grading’s. However, Karate has a number of combinations or pre-arranged drills that show both offensive and defensive postures that are relatively similar in each different style of Karate. Wing Chun does not have a number of these combinations. Instead each lineage will have its own set of drills used to train certain elements of the curriculums.

Another similarity is that both systems use punches, kicks, strikes and open hand attacks in their strikes or attacks. However one difference in these elements is that Karate display a variety of different kicks aiming for different parts of the body. Wing Chun will only use kicks to defend attacks from below the waist. Wing Chun also do not ‘block’ attacks (which is a key aspect of Karate), instead they aim to redirect force and use force against the opponent.

Karate and Wing Chun both look to develop all rounded individuals who can express self-control, discipline and only use their skills acquired if they have no other way of diffusing a situation. Inside and outside of the training room or competition hall students are to remain respectful and assist each other in improving.

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